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Top 5 Causes of Tinnitus to Ask Your Provider About

Ringing in your ears wreaking havoc on your life? Tinnitus is often the result of other conditions. Working with an experienced provider can help ensure you receive the best treatment for your tinnitus.


Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Do you listen to a lot of loud music or work in an environment with loud noises? If so, you may be suffering from noise-induced hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noises; tinnitus is often a sign of this type of damage.


Meniere’s Disease

There are nearly 200 thousand cases of Meniere’s disease per year in America. This disorder affects the inner ear and causes symptoms such as tinnitus and vertigo.


Normal Aging

As we age, our ears age and lose some of their hearing ability. Tinnitus is often a sign of this type of hearing loss, especially in older people.



Certain medications such as antibiotics, cancer medications, water pills, antidepressants and aspirin, may cause or worsen tinnitus.


Head & Neck Injuries

Injuries to your head and neck may cause trauma to the inner ear or other parts of the auditory system resulting in tinnitus.

If you have never had a hearing test or it’s been awhile, hearing a constant noise in your ears is a great reason to have your hearing and ears checked. This will help your provider to determine the best personalized treatment plan for your tinnitus.

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